Can Humidity Cause Dry Skin?


Red and dry skin is most likely to eczema. This is a condition in which the skin is sensitive to the various environmental exposures. It tends to skin dry out. It is treated by the skin moisturizing and steroid creams. Eczema can occur in the summer or winter seasons. But in winter season due to low humidity, the dry skin gets worse than worse.

Another problem for bad skin during the winter is a skin rash. In summer season due to excess of sweating, the skin problems get reduced. But in winter seasons the low humidity reduces the sweating and increases the dry and rashes in the skin. Increasing the humidity with a humidifier is a good solution for dry skin.

In addition to the winter, some other reasons also increase the chances for skin problems that are

  • Age and genetics
  • Soap and skin care products
  • Work
  • Water
  • Skin disease

Let see them in detail and you’ll get the answer to your question can humidity cause dry skin?

1. Age and genetics

When the age gets old, the skin produces fewer oil and sweat glands which make the skin to dry easily in the winter season. With this, often dry skin runs in families. Using of thick greasy creams and lotions to moisturize dry skin are also important, especially after the age of 40. Use sunscreen all year even the weather is cloudy and humid.

2. Soap and skin care products

Soaps and skin care products are drying in winter season because they strip the natural skin oils. During winter season just avoid the soaps and skin care products which have alcohol contents, detergents or fragrances, instead of that use some natural things like lime, milk, egg white which keeps you out of the dangerous dry skin.

3. Work

Jobs including health care professions require the hands to be in and out of the water all day long. During winter, avoid washing hands often is good, which keeps us away from dry skin. The anti-bacterial cleaners are essential for dry skin in winter.

4. Water

Playing with water may be feeling good temporarily, but it will cause a serious effect on winter after some time. It results in the skin extremely dry. To avoid this, use soft dry towels to clean the face and never rub. Apply body lotions to keep the skin good.

Prevent you from skin disease

It’s important to monitor the skin problems and if any serious problems occur it’s better to consult a doctor.