What Sitting Too Long Does to Your Body?


Getting pain between the scapulae – shoulder blades is actually common for all. There are n numbers of reasons in getting back pain between shoulder blades, often could be tired, restless, long travel, long ride et al.  Normally these pains will come for a while with above-mentioned reasons and go in a while once after a sound sleep and good rest & relaxation.

What Sitting Too Long Does to Your Body?

Since human body’s back is supported by the central nervous system and the spinal cord, whatever the jerk you get on lower, middle and upper back, you are ought to catch the pain very commonly. When comparing the cases, lower back pain is quite common wherein the upper back pain is quite rare, but if so, one must suffer a lot. Because, upper back pain stimulates between the shoulders blades, leaving forearms and neck to be under severe pain.

Appending below are few of the issues that cause back pain between the scapulae.

  1. Wrong Posture: Positions of either sitting or standing are very important, wherein wrong posture will lead you to get pain between the shoulder blades immediately. Because stooping forward while sitting or standing will leave your head weight pressing down on the shoulders. When the head is pressed down in an upright position, the abnormal weight creates stability over the provided muscles, the hence pain starts spreading. Adding to that, the muscles in the shoulder blades starts suffering from the pain also because of tired, peeved and exacerbated muscles. Thus positioning is a vital role for the pain-free. Once started getting pain, then proper posture, exercises and enough rest to the back are the ways to get rid of the pain.
  1. Disc prolapsed: Disc prolapsed is also considered as ‘herniated discs’ or ‘slipped discs’ wherein it occurs commonly in the lower back. Discs are a gel-like padded structure that could found between the vertebrae. It acts as ‘shock absorber’ in the spinal cord column as for how a shock absorber in the motor-bikes. When the disc gets wounded by any of the injuries, and if gets damaged, cracked or swollen, then there raise the issues of pain starting from lower back elaborating to upper back, which in final will lead to feeling difficulty in moving arms and hands, lifting weight et al. This can be treated by physiotherapy, regular exercises, wearing a magnetic belt around the waiting part and by putting traction.
  1. Osteoarthritis: Osteoarthritis can be found when a human body starts getting pain in the active hours of the day, say for the morning, and evening. One starts feeling pain in the center part of the upper back which will radiate to the shoulder blades gradually, wherein it affects only the joints.

Of all the above causes, ‘the wrong posture’ is one common evil that causes pain in the back between the shoulder blades. The other causes that discussed above rightly have the chance of affecting human body over 40 + years of age, generally, can say as older ages.