Waring Pro MG-800 Meat Grinder Review


The Waring pro-MG800 professional meat grinder is a reliable appliance that is both attractive in appearance and functional. If you like to make homemade foods like hamburger, baby foods, spreads and sausages then this machine is best for your endeavors. This is ideal for an average family and features a solid build. It is easy to use and comes with different sized cutting plates. It comes with a good selection of recipes in the user manual for homemade sausages.

The MG-800 Professional Meat Grinder Review

  • The design will be an attractive and compact model with a generous sized that is reliability and efficiency.
  • The motor is described as a heavy duty so that grinding is fast and efficient.
  • Controls are easy to use by way of an on/off switch and reverse functionality is also available.
  • There are two sausage attachments so that you can make thin and fat sausages as required.
  • For cleaning, hand washing is advised for the best results.
  • The sausage attachments are cleverly stored inside the pusher.
  • A user guide is included and you can also expect to find recipes for a variety of homemade sausages.

This meat grinder will meet all your household grinding needs. It comes with a number of accessories that will enhance its effectiveness. It features a compact size that will make it convenient for storage at home. It has a stainless steel build that makes it solid long time use. This is the powerful motor that makes grinding bones as easy as grinding meat. The motor is permanently lubricated that implies that you need not belabor lubricating it.

The gears are made of stainless steel that makes them sturdy and durability. This is long-term performance and that will protect against the wearing off.

User Reviews

Janice Wilson – We butcher our cows in the kitchen, and this grinder made our butchering so much easier. The hamburger came out perfect. I can’t wait to make other meats. Never had a problem it works so well. I am so glad I got a good grinder it is hard to know if it’s going to work for you and this grinder was the answer. Thank-you a very good product.

J. Gadsby – absolutely great product shopped around and looked all different price ranges. Uses to grind up three deer worked awesomely and only took a few hours. Has all the power you need to get a job done. Strongly recommend this unit.

LOU – This is my first Meat Grinder. I did a lot of research and read reviews which I greatly appreciated, and I’m very happy with my purchase. So far I’ve made hamburger from English Cut Roast, Sirloin steak into burgers and pork loin marinated and made into sausage. Also purchased a large ham with low sodium and ground it for ham salad etc.

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